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Oncology Remote Patient Monitoring

Active Guidance That’s Compassionate and Personalized

A member-centric approach to remote patient monitoring that integrates with your systems and delivers outstanding engagement from your members and care team

Jasper Health can drive your oncology remote monitoring use cases with minimal integration and maximum efficiency. Our Care Team services are certified in psychosocial guidance and can augment your existing team. Our evidence based approach can drive a 43% reduction in the total cost of care.

  • Jasper provides a SaaS platform for High Risk Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Leverage our Care Guides or your own (or both)
  • Turn-key integration with existing EHR & care management
  • FHIR based API’s and standards based interoperability
  • Exception management driven triage dashboard
  • Modular care platform allows some or all approach

Member Pathway

Patient onboarding
Jennifer is educated about Jasper during her visit and signs up for an account.
A pre-provisioned FDA device is connected with the Jasper member app, is shipped to Jennifer’s house, and works after she starts up the device and signs in to Jasper.
Prepare for treatment
Jennifer receives pre-treatment recommendations, to dos and instructions for next steps through the Jasper member app in the days leading up to treatment.
Post treatment
Jasper monitors Jennifer after treatment, provides additional guidance, and keeps her connected to the health care team.
Continual monitoring
Jennifer continues to receive treatment and Jasper continues to monitor her symptoms, activity and vitals. Jasper triggers alerts to the care team as potential interventions are needed.

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Our solutions and integrations are customizable to your needs.

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