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Jasper Health’s Member-Centric Model Promotes Savings

At Jasper Health, improving lives and saving unnecessary spend is paramount. We do this through our cancer navigation platform offering one-on-one psychosocial support to patients and caregivers.

Research on Jasper Health members’ has already shown the positive effects of supported members who report improved stress, anxiety, medication adherence, appointment adherence, and more. For savings, an in-depth literature review and analysis conducted by third-party, healthcare, consulting firm, Anchor Outcomes, revealed that supported cancer patients also have the positive effects of lower ER and hospitalization costs*.

Hospital utilization is an acute area of concern among cancer patients

  • Cancer patients are frequent visitors to the hospital with 12x the ER visits and 18x the hospitalizations than the national averages.*
  • These hospital visits and stays can even make up as much as 48% of a cancer patient’s total medical spend.*

Anchor Outcomes derived a conservative, literature-based savings projection for each activated-member, per year, supporting reduced ER visits and hospitalization frequency. 

It’s simple – supported members receive guidance when they need it, not when things have escalated to hospital needs incurring astronomical costs in addition to physical and emotional strain for patients.

*Anchor Outcomes is a healthcare focused data research consulting firm with focus in mathematical modeling of health policy and cost-effectiveness analysis. More information and sources available upon request.

Curious about savings and ROI for your population?