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A smart companion for your cancer care.

On a good day, dealing with cancer is complicated. On a bad day, it can feel impossible. For every day, we’re here to help. Organize your schedule, needs, and support—all in one place.

Simplify and centralize your day-to-day.

An auto-create tool for appointment pages, to-dos, and recommended tasks helps you and those you invite to build and edit a personalized planner as you go. The leading cancer app for organizing your whole live, not just treatment.

Track your symptoms, side effects, and mood in seconds.

Well-being metrics help you to see and keep track of how you’re doing over time, giving you more insights to bring to your medical team appointments. Integrated with Fitbit & Apple Watch tracking sleep, exercise and mood.

Get the right information where and when you need it.

Actionable content that’s matched to your condition, lifestyle, treatments, and tasks helps you to stay on top of what’s happening and in control of what’s ahead.

Ask our experts for help with anything you need.

Personalized one-on-one sessions with licensed oncology healthcare workers help you navigate your experience with expert guidance and support. Our coaches can help guide you to cancer clinical trials, create cancer treatment meal plans, & find local cancer care resources that maybe no cost to you.

Schedule your medications and track your adherence.

A simple way to organize your medications and supplements and keep track of how and when to take them.

“I’m glad that I joined Jasper. It’s been nice to know that I have a go-to place when I need reliable and easy-to-understand information about cancer, finding support, and my health.”
— Cindy, Breast Cancer Survivor