Jasper Health’s AskJasper Oncology AI Web Service: Revolutionize Cancer Care

Jasper Compass, our virtual care delivery and clinical enablement platform, is powered by AskJasper. AskJasper is an interface and algorithm layer offering AI-augmented capabilities to healthcare professionals.

This integration allows users to either engage directly with the robust features of Jasper Compass or utilize the advanced AI assistance provided by AskJasper. 

By bridging the gap between traditional clinical workflows and innovative AI technology, AskJasper ensures that all AI-generated insights and suggestions are informed by and filtered through the expertise of trained medical professionals.

Key Differentiators of AskJasper

➕Telehealth: AI instantly identifies psychosocial resources for which the patient qualifies from Jasper’s hundreds of local and national nonprofit organization network.

➕Patient Communication: AI composes an intelligent and empathetic response based on domain knowledge and the patient’s profile.

➕Case Management: AI composes Progress Note drafts from transcript data following telehealth sessions.

➕Supportive Care Plans: AI creates a personalized Supportive Care Plan based on patient’s unique needs and data.

➕360 Degree Health Data: AI automatically tags the relevant data points to import from external records.

What Sets Us Apart

🔬 Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms are developed by leading experts in oncology, ensuring accuracy and reliability in diagnosing and treating cancer.

🏥 Seamless Integration: Easily integrate our AI web service into your existing healthcare infrastructure, making it a seamless addition to your workflow.

💡 Personalized Treatment Plans: Jasper Health’s AI analyzes patient data to provide tailored treatment recommendations, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

📈 Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline administrative tasks, reduce diagnostic errors, and optimize resource allocation, allowing your healthcare organization to focus on what truly matters—patient care.

🌐 Secure and HIPAA-Compliant: We prioritize data security and patient privacy, ensuring compliance with all relevant healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.

💰 Cost-Effective Solutions: Save time and resources with our cost-effective AI web service, designed to enhance your oncology department’s capabilities without breaking the bank.

 🤝 Partnering for Success: We believe in collaboration. Our dedicated support team will work closely with your organization to ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing support.

 🚀Join the Future of Oncology Care: Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize cancer care in your healthcare organization. Jasper Health’s Oncology AI Web Service is the key to achieving superior patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how our AI-driven solution can elevate your oncology services to new heights. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Mitigate unnecessary ED visits
of members would consult Jasper before using the ER*
Better medication adherence
of members report increased ease of medication plan adherence*
Improved employee satisfaction
of members report satisfaction with Jasper Cancer Care Navigators*

*Jasper member survey Oct 2023; among members who receive Jasper as a covered benefit.

Jasper’s 80+ Local and National Non Profit Partner Network provide resources that cover SDOH gaps

“With tailored, real-time support augmented with AskJasper, we are reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits, increasing medication and treatment adherence, and improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their caregivers.”
— Holly Spinks, Chief Clinical Officer