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Jasper Compass

AI Enabled Cancer Care Navigation Platform for Navigators and Supportive Care Professionals

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At Jasper Health, we strive to advance oncology care delivery and cancer navigation by providing AI Enabled guidance for patients and clinicians with real-time, actionable data insights.

Jasper Compass is the only hybrid AI enabled solution that supports patient-centered, cancer care and navigation by seamlessly and continuously putting patient-reported outcomes, biometrics, clinical data & HIE data in an actionable format that doesn’t create more work or burnout. Leveraging exception-based care management concepts, healthcare professionals can see; Red, Yellow or Green, who needs immediate human navigation and who is doing just fine leveraging AI enabled digital navigation.

Patients now have a much-needed way to be heard outside of the office visit—and clinicians finally have the full patient picture, all driven by data.

Jasper Compass was designed for clinicians, by clinicians. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and paints the full picture of the patient by augmenting clinical data with metrics on mood, sleep, activity, medications, appointments, and SDOH factors.

“As a nurse, the dashboard is my ears and eyes: it goes beyond the periodic clinical data to show real-time psychosocial and environmental factors which are critical barriers to actually improving outcomes.”
— RN, Chief Clinical Officer at Jasper Health

Powerful Insights Keep Clinicians One Step Ahead

Fast implementation and intuitive for clinicians
Helps identify barriers for care around psychosocial and SDOH needs
Data insights direct care to help avert unnecessary care or office visit
Care professional orchestration allows custom rules for routing member requests
Adjustable risk stratification for organization specific clinical protocols
HIPAA-compliant asynchronous and video virtual care capabilities

Helping to improve the cancer care experience

Our solutions and integrations are customizable.


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