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Cancer Care Coaching & Navigation

The Leading Hybrid Virtual Cancer Care Platform

Behavior Change At Scale

Jasper Health Care Coaches can:

  • Augment existing coaching & care management teams
  • Deliver psychosocial support coaching
  • Train existing coaches and care management teams on psychosocial support
  • Connect the dots in a disconnected health care system and connect to health plan resources
  • Be your employee coaching service for cancer and other serious diseases

Jasper Health is a digital guiding and navigation experience that improves the lives of individuals affected by cancer and their caregivers. Focusing on the patient’s strengths, interests, and natural motivation to provide confidence and empowerment along their cancer journey, our platform is available nationwide to support all ages and cancer diagnoses. Our sophisticated platform can communicate with patients and loved ones through chat, phone, text, email, and video calls to support individuals in the way that works for them.

Our Care Coach team is composed of a variety of national recognized credentials, licenses, and certifications to support the patients. Our Jasper Care Coaches are specialized as holistic nutritionists, nutrition consultants, health and wellness coaches, registered nurses, patient navigators and social workers with high focus areas around oncology, psychology, palliative care, navigation and coaching. Please note, our team does not provide advice on treatment decisions nor provide or supplement clinical care from their current healthcare professional team.

Jasper Health, delivering a better cancer experience for all with a human-led, insights driven, whole person approach, continues to support more individuals. Jasper Health has added the Care+ and Coach+ services which provides high touch, interactive care team support for individuals with cancer and their caregivers from diagnosis through remission, palliative care, and end of life care. Patients can now work directly with us on shared action plans to support psychosocial needs around mental health, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, quality of life, and financial planning. Jasper Coach+ leverages chat, telemedicine, and human coaching to deliver hybrid care guidance, and leapfrogs over current friction points in the care experience.

Comprehensive, Coordinated Cancer Care

Japer Care+ and Coach+ provides an interoperable, care coordination platform that connects patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals and leverages exception-based care management capabilities to optimize a personalized care design for each patient. JasperCare+ also offers a feature that will seek to identify those high-risk patients and digitally enable proactive coordinated action alerts to the healthcare professional to intervene before an acute event. Studies have shown that this type of enhanced coordination of care among healthcare professionals can improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Driving Continuous, Integrated and Supportive Care Navigation With Real Engagement

We understand that care coordination requires actual engagement, not just episodic answering of surveys or secure messages directed to a patient’s inbox but meaningful empathetic interactions. The Jasper platform acts as a patient’s and caregiver’s personal planner to provide a more proactive approach in their cancer journey and revitalize the sense of control whether it is managing their symptoms, moods, or the myriad of tasks and to-dos that instantly become an important part of the care journey.

Within the platform, patients and caregivers have access to Jasper Care Coaches who provide data-based coaching around psychosocial support and help with planning around physical, emotional, health, and financial challenges that can arise during and after cancer treatment. This type of coaching is focused on patient strengths, interests, and natural motivation to provide confidence and empowerment along their cancer journey. The coaching is delivered using the Jasper Care+ triage dashboard which uses ePRO data and biometric data to risk stratify and prioritize who needs intervention/support urgently and which patients are thriving and doing well with the self-service digital resources.

Innovations in Cancer Care

Jasper Health has provided personalized cancer care guidance for nearly 12,000 members. Learn more about improving health and reducing costs through digital health.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Less stress and anxiety for your members
of Jasper members report less stress and anxiety*
Better medication adherence
Jasper members report improved medication adherence*
Improved quality of life and reduced costs
Patient-reported symptom monitoring has been shown to increase survival, improve HRQoL, and reduce healthcare costs**

*Jasper member survey Sept 2021; among members using Jasper for more than 2 months

Your clinician is our customer

Jasper Care+ is a breakthrough for clinicians and care managers. In a single, interactive dashboard experience, the clinician sees patient profile, symptoms, stage in journey, automated tasks, and critical alerts.


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