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The best of Jasper Health and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK)

The MSK Direct app combines Jasper Health’s digital oncology platform and human-led psychosocial coaching with MSK’s clinical subspecialized expertise to empower and support members across their entire cancer journey no matter where they are.

The enhanced solution allows members to take control of their treatment plan throughout their cancer journey and enables broad access to support coaching, virtual expert medical opinions, and care navigation.

The MSK Direct Solution powered by Jasper


The MSK Direct app:

  • Offers comprehensive digital cancer navigation support via Jasper Care Coaches, available 24/7 and clinical guidance from MSK Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN)
  • Facilitates simple and virtual expert medical opinions with MSK’s subspecialized oncologists
  • Provides digital support and planning tools to manage appointments, medications, and to-dos
  • Allows members to track symptoms, side-effects, and wearable data, all within the app
  • Offers personalized and relevant educational content to members Supports screening, prevention and risk management via assessments and guidance from MSK’s genetic counselors