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Jasper Health Enhances the Oncology Journey – Piloted through the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary

Jasper Health is now available through the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary to enhance the lives of those affected by cancer. This integration helps plan sponsors to more quickly identify gaps in care and health opportunities – ultimately leading to better health outcomes for patients, improving insights for providers, and value for health plans.

Evernorth Digital Formulary offers connected care and support solutions to large benefits plans who cover over 20 million U.S. members. Plan sponsors can integrate with with Evernorth’s connected care programs and safely integrate biometric data from digital solutions with medical, lab, and pharmacy data while protecting patient privacy. Evernorth clinically reviews and evaluates each digital health solution with a streamlined and rigorous process to choose the best-in-class digital solutions to fit each plan’s needs.

Personalized Cancer Care Support for Patients and Their Loved Ones

With Jasper, members can access the support they deserve with mental health, financial toxicity and more support via human-led, one-on-one navigation.

Members can digitally organize their schedule, track medications and symptoms, and invite loved ones to their digital care team—all in one place, from anywhere, with safety and security.

Jasper Health for Payors

As the costs of cancer rise, payors are finding new, innovative ways to reduce spend while increasing promoting a patient-first model. Adopting best-in-class, data-driven digital health cancer support with Jasper Health is key to guiding patients who are high cost drivers while, enhancing their outcomes and quality of life for members.