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Drive Member Engagement, Predict Cost Trends, and Enhance MCS

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Engage High-Risk Patients with Guided Behavior Change

  • A recent study found that cancer patients had nearly 4 times higher mean expenditures per person ($16,346) than those without cancer ($4,484)
  • Realizing member engagement can drive cost reductions & member satisfaction
  • Designed to guide members at every step, providing psychosocial support, keeping care local, and enabling access to the best in class care
  • Leveraging PRO, biometric, claims, EMR, and medication data, Jasper Health can provide your plan unparalleled insights and lower member costs
  • Connected to the broader healthcare system and the first line of guidance when issues arise or symptoms deteriorate, helping avoid ER visits and acute in-hospital care escalations

As the costs of cancer rise, payors will have to find new, innovative ways to reduce cost while increasing member satisfaction, well-being, and mental health while supporting caregivers.

Jasper Health was built to provide payors a private label experience to guide members through the complexity of the healthcare system. Jasper Health Cancer Care Navigators focus on the psychosocial aspect of care while working hand in hand with your existing care management and utilization team.

Member Pathway

Patient onboarding
Jennifer is diagnosed with cancer and is contacted by her assigned health plan care manager to conduct an assessment and set goals. During the session, she learns about Jasper.
Downloads Jasper
Jennifer downloads the Jasper app, signs up, and grants permission to share her profile information with her care team. She enters her PRO information along with appointments, tasks, medications and treatments.
Care manager meetings
Jennifer meets with her care manager once every one or two weeks to discuss treatment and goals. The care manager uses the Jasper Care+ dashboard to review RPM, PRO, and medication management to determine any clinical interventions needed.
Continual monitoring
Jennifer continues to receive treatment and Jasper keeps her connected, educated, engaged and supported. Jasper triggers alerts to the care team as potential interventions are needed. Her care manager is able to connect with Jennifer through chat, text, phone or email.
Jennifer is relieved to enter remission but remains anxious that the cancer will return. Jasper begins providing remission resources, quarterly one-on-one sessions to provide mental health guidance, and advice about cancer prevention.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Mitigate unnecessary ED visits
of members would consult Jasper before using the ER*
Better medication adherence
of members report increased ease of medication plan adherence*
Improved patient satisfaction
of members report satisfaction with Jasper Care Navigators*

*Jasper member survey Oct 2023; among members who receive Jasper as a covered benefit.

Improving the cancer experience with human-led, insight-driven guidance.

Our services are patient-centered and driven by value and data.


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