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Realize the Future of a Value Based Oncology Care Model

A Guided Experience with Proven Engagement and Value-Based Care Engine

Jasper Health works hand-in-hand with your existing clinical workflow accelerating your healthcare systems ability to quickly and efficiently launch a value based oncology care model (OCM). Built with the latest FHIR based protocols and interoperable standards, a private label version of Jasper can be implemented in 30 days. KITT, our analytics engine, can track and report value based KPI’s driving payment optimization and increasing ROI.

  • Continual monitoring and interaction to support the activated patient in their journey toward improved health
  • Designed to guide members at every step, providing psychosocial support and connecting them with the nurse-led care team at the right moment
  • Creating continuity in care and guidance between appointments that adapts to the specific needs of patients

Member Pathway

Patient onboarding
Jennifer is diagnosed with cancer and is contacted by her assigned case manager while in the hospital. Jennifer is told about Jasper and how it helps to ensure continuity of care once she is discharged.
Downloads Jasper
Jennifer downloads the Jasper app, signs up, and grants permission to share her profile information with her care team. She enters her PRO information along with appointments, tasks, medications and treatments.
Care manager meetings
Jennifer meets with her care manager once every one or two weeks to discuss treatment and goals. The care manager uses the Jasper Care+ dashboard to review RPM, PRO, and medication management to determine any clinical interventions needed.
Meets with hospital case manager‌/‌patient navigator
On discharge day, the CM/PN visits Jennifer to ensure that all services have been set up to continue continuity of care and she is not at risk for readmission. The CM/PN uses the Jasper Care+ dashboard to review RPM, PRO, and medication management to determine any clinical interventions needed.
Continual monitoring
Jennifer continues to receive treatment and Jasper continues to monitor her symptoms, activity and vitals. Jasper triggers alerts to the care team as potential interventions are needed.
Jennifer is relieved to enter remission but remains anxious that the cancer will return. Jasper begins providing remission resources, quarterly one-on-one sessions to provide mental health guidance, and advice about cancer prevention.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Less stress and anxiety for your members
of Jasper members report less stress and anxiety*
Better medication adherence
of Jasper members report improved medication adherence*
Improved quality of life and reduced costs
Patient-reported symptom monitoring has been shown to increase survival, improve HRQoL, and reduce healthcare costs**

*Jasper member survey Sept 2021; among members using Jasper for more than 2 months

Improving the cancer experience with human-led, insight-driven guidance.

Our services are patient-centered and driven by value and data.


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