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A Digital Cancer Center of Excellence for Your Employees

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Concierge Care from Diagnosis through Return to Work

  • According to the NBGH, the total cost of health care is estimated to be $14,642 per employee this year, and projected to rise over $15,000. Employers will cover nearly 70% of costs while employees will bear about 30%, or nearly $4,500.
  • For every 100 employees within the workforce, cancer costs employers about $19,000 annually.
  • Personalized care guidance that includes connection to treatment centers with optimal outcomes and second opinions
  • Remission support and return-to-work concierge
  • Designed to guide members at every step, providing psychosocial support, keeping care local, and enabling access to the best in class care
  • For 40% of cancer survivors in the United States who are of working age, the long-term effects of cancer and its treatments impact productivity. Offering Jasper Health can help reduce these psychosocial impacts, increasing productivity and quality of work-life

Member Pathway

Patient onboarding
Jennifer is diagnosed with cancer and receives an email from her employer letting her know that she is entitled to a cancer care guidance service called Jasper. She downloads the app, signs up, and grants permission to share her profile information with her care team.
Providing guidance
Based on her diagnosis and treatment plan, Jennifer receives personalized guidance in the form of expert articles, Jasper Care Coach sessions, and recommendations for community cancer support organizations.
Preparing for treatment
In the days leading up to treatment, Jennifer learns about what to do before her treatment begins and receives instructions for next steps through the Jasper member app.
Post treatment
Jasper monitors Jennifer after treatment along with the Employer care management team and keeps her engaged and informed about what’s next, ensuring she feels support along the way.
Continual monitoring
Jennifer continues to receive treatment and Jasper continues to monitor her symptoms, activity and vitals. Jasper triggers alerts to the care team as potential interventions are needed.
Jennifer is relieved to enter remission but remains anxious that the cancer will return. Jasper begins providing remission resources, quarterly one-on-one sessions to provide mental health guidance, and advice about cancer prevention.
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Innovations in Cancer Care

Jasper Health has provided personalized cancer care guidance for nearly 15,000 members. Learn more about improving health and reducing costs through digital health.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Mitigate unnecessary ED visits
of members would consult Jasper before using the ER*
Better medication adherence
of members report increased ease of medication plan adherence*
Improved patient satisfaction
of members report satisfaction with Jasper Care Navigators*

*Jasper member survey Oct 2023; among members who receive Jasper as a covered benefit.

Improving the cancer experience with human-led, insight-driven guidance.

Our services are patient-centered and driven by value and data.


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