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Data Insights Drive Personalized Cancer Care

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Whole-Person Data to Enhance Cancer Care Support

Continuous, real-time data insights augment clinical data and break through barriers to care.

At Jasper Health, we strive to advance oncology care delivery and support by providing guidance for patients and clinicians with real-time, actionable data insights. Whole-person, psychosocial patient reported data is used to create learning algorithms to direct care, and improve experiences and outcomes.

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We help meet the growing need for more coordinated, patient-centered care with data insights.

On patient mood, sleep, activity, medications, appointments, and SDOH factors we provide a whole person view of the patient to break through common barriers to care around:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep and activity
  • Appointment adherence
  • Medication adherence
  • Financial limitations
  • Environmental constraints
Capturing the
Whole Patient
with Data
Continuous real-time data versus periodic collection
Biometric data from wearables
Patient reported, psychosocial metrics
Medication adherence/tracking data
Appointment tracking data
Environmental/SDOH data points
HIPAA-compliant dashboards
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Innovations in Cancer Care

Jasper Health has provided personalized cancer care guidance for over 15,000 members. Learn more about improving health and quality through Value-Based care.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Less stress and anxiety for your members
of Jasper members report less stress and anxiety*
Better medication adherence
Jasper members report improved medication adherence*
Improved quality of life and reduced costs
Patient-reported symptom monitoring has been shown to increase survival, improve HRQoL, and reduce healthcare costs**

*Jasper member survey Sept 2021; among members using Jasper for more than 2 months

Helping to improve the cancer care experience

Our solutions and integrations are customizable.


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