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Jasper Health And Non-Profit Coalition Launches Jasper Community, A First-Of-Its-Kind, Peer-to-Peer Social Support Network For Those With Cancer And Survivors 

Member asked, we listened, Jasper Community is here subtitle with Jasper logo; includes decorative photos and two photos of Jasper's Community app. Member asked, we listened, Jasper Community is here subtitle with Jasper logo; includes decorative photos and two photos of Jasper's Community app.

Jasper Health’s new community feature available to consumers and partners leverages unique technology to enable peer-driven connections that enhance support and information-sharing among members.

BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 31, 2023 – Jasper Health and a coalition of non-profit cancer support organizations have today announced the launch of a proprietary peer-to-peer member community network. Now available to Jasper Health’s almost 17,000 members, Jasper Community was crafted to drive support and information-sharing through relevant, personalized connections. This network can be particularly useful for health plans, employers, and cancer centers that want to have their own unique community to augment existing social support services.

“The impact of community on the lived experience of cancer can’t be understated, and the number one request from our members has been the ability to mentor and learn from those with similar experiences,” said Adam Pellegrini, Jasper Health’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Cancer journeys can differ enormously depending on a wide range of variables, and Jasper Health has a unique opportunity to leverage intelligent technology to help our members on similar paths connect with each other in meaningful ways.”

A coalition of non-profit cancer support organizations have partnered with Jasper Health for the launch of Jasper Community:  Imerman Angels, Worth the Wait, DiepC Foundation, Nevada Cancer Coalition/ThriveNV, The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan, 2Unstoppable, Unite for HER , The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation, and Jack’s Caregiver Coalition.

“We are excited to partner with Jasper Community,” said Stephanie Lieber, Imerman Angels’ Executive Director. “Imerman Angels shares Jasper Health’s commitment to providing a much-needed safe space for cancer patients to get comfort, support, and understanding.” 

Research shows that online communities enable patients and their caregivers to better self-manage their journey. However, trust, quality control, barriers around finding ways to easily and efficiently connect, and difficulty managing group memberships across platforms can limit use.  

Moderated by certified full-time Jasper Care Coaches, Jasper Community solves for all of this. The network uses smart technology to allow members to self-select into subgroups that then appear in one continuous personalized activity feed where they can post and engage with information as well as 1:1 message and create personal blogs. Members join groups relevant to their diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle interests for enhanced educational and psychosocial support from Jasper Care Coaches and other members. 

Jasper Health’s members have proven that targeted information and psychosocial support through clinically-led, empathetic coaching produces results. Sixty-eight percent of members reported a reduction in stress and anxiety, 78% reported better medication adherence, and 93% found it easier to track and remember appointments. Member satisfaction with Jasper Care Coaching is 100%, confirming that people affected by cancer want, and deserve, this level of guidance.

The oncology space is changing and Jasper Health is at the vanguard of this movement—passionately nurturing a data-driven, patient-first approach to help those through their cancer journey and beyond. 

About Jasper Health

Jasper Health is a digital guiding and navigation experience that improves the lives of individuals affected by cancer and also the lives of their caregivers. This support spans from diagnosis through remission, palliative care, and end-of-life care. Built by a team that includes seasoned leaders with decades of experience in digital health, clinical care, data science, and consumer engagement, our end-to-end oncology platform provides psychosocial support and enables connected care with the broader healthcare system. Founded at Redesign Health, a company that powers innovation in healthcare, we believe that powerful technology and passionate people can relieve some of the stress of the cancer journey. If your non-profit organization would like to be a Jasper Health Partner contact us or visit http://www.hellojasper.com.


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