Jasper Health Expands Access to Virtual Support and Psychosocial Coaching to Enhance the Oncology Care Experience

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BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 15, 2022Jasper Health has announced that its digital solution for oncology care management will be offered as a pilot program through the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary. Through this pilot program, Jasper Health will provide people living with cancer and their care teams access to digital, personalized oncology care management support, including psychosocial coaching, medication management, and symptom tracking.

“We are excited to collaborate with Evernorth, a company that prioritizes whole-patient care. With technology-powered, data-driven, and personalized support, this new collaboration drives oncology care into a future state to improve experiences, outcomes, and costs.” said Adam Pellegrini, CEO, and Co-Founder of Jasper Health. “This program can demonstrate the power of hybrid care and coaching to transform oncology with improved outcomes and costs.”

Jasper Health’s platform has over 16,000 members who have proven that personalized information and psychosocial support through clinically-led, empathetic coaching produces results. Sixty-eight percent of members reported a reduction in stress and anxiety, 78% reported better medication adherence, and 93% found it easier to track and remember appointments.

With safe and rapid bi-directional data capabilities through FHIR data standards (with support for other data standards), Jasper Health provides seamless integration and data-sharing to support patients, care teams, and clinicians. The platform also integrates biometric data from wearables such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, and the FDA-approved and award-winning BioIntelliSense patch to track vital measurements. This data, together with Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), reveals a never-before-seen view of the oncology patient outside of the office or hospital setting.

This whole-patient view coupled with clinical best practices empowers both a patient’s own care teams and the Jasper Cancer Care Coaching team to better support members in care navigation, financial and community support, mental health, nutrition, and activity across the entire cancer journey. Member satisfaction with Jasper Coaching is 100%, confirming that people affected by cancer need, and deserve support.

The oncology space is changing. While innovators like CMS are beginning to structure care and reimbursement around patient-centric models, Jasper Health and our partners are at the vanguard of this movement – passionately nurturing a data-driven, patient-centric approach as we help those through their oncology care management journey and beyond.

About Jasper Health

Jasper Health is a digital guiding and navigation experience that improves the lives of individuals affected by cancer and their caregivers. This support spans from diagnosis through remission, to palliative and end-of-life care. Its end-to-end oncology platform provides psychosocial support while enabling connected care with the broader healthcare system. Our team includes seasoned leaders with decades of experience in digital health, clinical care, data science, and consumer engagement. Founded at Redesign Health, a company that powers innovation in healthcare, we believe that powerful technology and passionate people can relieve some of the stress of organizing care. For more information, visit http://www.hellojasper.com.


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