Professional photo - Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary

Founder/CEO, OffScrip Media; Founder, Stupid Cancer

Ten years after surviving brain cancer at age 21, Matthew Zachary founded Stupid Cancer, the world’s largest young adult cancer community, and launched The Stupid Cancer Show, the first health podcast, which amassed a global listenership in the millions.

He stepped down as Stupid Cancer’s CEO in 2019 and launched his latest venture, OffScrip Media, the first audio broadcast network focused on consumer health and patient advocacy. True to form, Matthew, is now back behind the mic where he belongs with his new show, “Out of Patients” hailed as “the people’s voice in healthcare.”

As he continues to be pissed off with the dumpster fire that is our healthcare system, the through-line of Matthew’s entire career is patient advocacy; and he will not stop calling out all sorts of Stupid BS that shouldn’t have to be a thing.

Matthew is also an acclaimed keynote speaker, accomplished film composer, and award-winning concert pianist.

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