Professional photo - Amy Low

Amy Low

Managing Director at a philanthropic organization; Living with Cancer

Amy is a Managing Director for a social change organization working to solve problems in the areas of climate, education, immigration, health, and a range of other pressing priorities. She oversees the organization’s portfolio, and also directs grantmaking for its nonprofit journalism investments. Her work spans across all communication and media investing platforms, collaborating with partners to change the conversation—to make a persuasive case that progress is always possible.

Amy was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic colon cancer in July 2019. After more than a dozen rounds of chemo and two surgeries, her disease is currently stable.

When she’s not at work, at a medical appointment, or playing tennis, Amy is proudly raising her teenage son and daughter, teaching them to be resilient, grateful, and unafraid, whether at school, at home, on the stage, and especially in the band.

“When a cancer diagnosis is spoken out loud, life tends to fall into a time of before, and after. Although it’s easy to cling to all that was good and right about the before, there are ways to make life after a diagnosis far better, and smarter. Jasper is a centralized hub for all things better and smarter—resources not just for a patient, but also for the patient’s immediate network and extended community. Loving a patient well begins with knowing how. Jasper helps point the way.”