Conversations on Cancer: Staying Healthy Through the Summer

Lindsey and Aaryn, licensed clinical social workers on Jasper’s supportive care team, share tips for situations you may face while dealing with cancer during the summer months.


Watch the video above to get Lindsey and Aaryn’s tips for dealing with cancer in the summer time, and see below for the products they recommend for staying safe and comfortable in the sun, sweat, and heat.. Have a skin concern not mentioned? Ask your doctor for recommendations or a referral to someone who specializes in skin conditions.

For Your Face

Cetaphil Eczema Restoraderm Soothing Moisturizer Unscented ($17.69)

Keeping your face moisturized during cancer treatment is all about layering, and a healing cream is like a shield for your face. Put it on before leaving the house to prevent further irritation from weather like wind or rain. The key is to find a cream that really sinks in, with no irritating scents.

Aveeno Calm + Restore Gentle Nourishing Oat Cleanser ($14.99)

When your face is dry, tight, and irritated, even washing it can be an ordeal, so you need the kind of cleanser that is more feather duster than power vac. Aveeno makes a gentle cleanser with oat to soothe irritation while cleaning but not stripping. The brand also makes a soothing oat serum to add moisture that soaks in quickly. This duo can help make sure you don’t lose moisture when you wash your face.

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen ($16.50)

It’s always wise to keep your skin protected from UV rays, but during cancer treatment it’s absolutely critical. That’s because some treatments (we’re looking at you, chemo and radiation) may leave your skin photosensitive (meaning that it’s way more sensitive to sunburn), and also because the last thing you need is to bask in a known carcinogen like UV. But outside time is important for mental health and wellness, so what’s there to do? The answer is to slather yourself in a high-quality sunscreen that actually improves your skin’s condition while it’s protecting you, and to do it religiously, every time you head outside. Driving—or even sitting in a sunny room—can be a source of sun exposure, so it’s a good practice to apply a product like Pipette (which is mineral based, gentle enough for babies, and keeps you covered at 50 SPF) every morning on top of your moisturizer.

Hale&Hush (multiple products)

Hale&Hush is a brand specializing in sensitive skin. They make a variety of products, including cleansers and SPF options. They also offer skin webinars free of charge if you aren’t sure which products to use.

Sun Hat with built-in fans ($25.00)

Our care team here at Jasper is a huge fan of this sun hat that shields your face and keeps you cool. Especially beneficial for irritated sensitive skin.

For Extra-Cracked Skin

Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($15)

Aquaphor is your go-to everyday skin solution. It’s way thicker and richer than your regular moisturizer, but not quite as intense and sticky as a salve, so start using it when your side effects kick in and you need to level up from your daily moisturizer. We love layering it on top of that lighter cream, and recommend stocking up so you can keep a tub everywhere—one on your bedside table, one in the bathroom, one by the couch, one in your purse. If you make a habit of applying some to your dry and tight spots throughout the day, you can stay on top of cracks before they get too out of hand. 

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 ($16)

Cicaplast Balm is a heavy-duty skin soother. It is made from cica, a leafy green plant that has been used for centuries to calm skin. For moderate dryness, tightness, and cracking, try it on your heels, elbows, and hands, and if you’re really in the weeds with skin issues, go ahead and smear it right on your face before bed. The deep emollients will soothe on contact and treat overnight. 

For Everything Else

Gently Soap ($11.00)

Some people may find regular soaps and body washes too drying, or may be sensitive to the fragrances and essential oils. If you’re looking for something to wash with that is less drying, try these bars of soap that can help you feel fresh, but not irritated.

Vanicream Deodorant ($10.00)

Your armpits are actually some of the softest, most vulnerable skin on your body, and they can get irritated easily. If you haven’t given your underarms any love lately, treat them with this crisp, gentle, and effective deodorant, which doesn’t contain the fragrance that can be so irritating. This brand makes a version with aluminum and one without, just ask your doctor if your treatments require you to avoid aluminum. 

Dude Wipes ($18.00)

Many treatments can cause extra sweat everywhere. This can make you feel embarrassed or not want to leave the house. Bringing wipes on the go can allow you to feel fresh and reduce the irritation from sweat sitting on your skin. These contain fragrance so don’t use if you are sensitive or receiving radiation on the area.

Monistat Chafe Prevention Gel ($6.00)

Similar to having wipes, using an anti-chafe gel between your thighs—or anywhere you need—can keep your skin dry and less irritated.

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