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Adjusting to life after treatment requires a special kind of support.

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Whole-Person Remission Support

A new journey begins after cancer treatment— remission. Remission support and navigation is not easily integrated or available in the current healthcare ecosystem, leaving those in remission with questions and unknowns as they define a “new normal.”

Personalized support with one-on-one coaching helps those in remission navigate and return to life and work.

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Championing psychosocial wellbeing at every stage

Reaching remission is often flooded with relief and will require a different kind of support. It’s important to stay organized educated, and connected. Jasper Health offers custom resources and guidance related to the remission experience to ease into the “new normal,” whatever that looks like next.

Remission may involve returning to work. Employers can play a supportive role in the remission journey by offering a personalized support platform like Jasper Health.

According to a study published by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary in order to find and train their replacement.

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Support Returning to Work

Organizing schedules and to-dos and tracking wellbeing metrics empower employees during return to work. Human-led and empathetic coaching, guidance, and advice helps employees find their footing at their workplace with more confidence, driving their satisfaction, productivity, and work-life balance.

Jasper Health improves the cancer care experience

Less stress and anxiety for your employees
of Jasper members report less stress and anxiety*
Better medication adherence
of Jasper members report improved medication adherence*
Improved quality of life and reduced costs
Patient-reported symptom monitoring has been shown to increase survival, improve HRQoL, and reduce healthcare costs**

*Jasper member survey Sept 2021; among members using Jasper for more than 2 months

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