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The Coach+ Program: Compassionate Support for Your Cancer Journey 

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For people navigating cancer treatment, the US healthcare system can be a labyrinth. On any given day, you might face complex medical, logistical, and financial decisions with no clear answer. That’s why we developed our Coach+ program. As an offshoot of our core service, Coach+ was designed to give you 24/7 support in the most challenging parts of the cancer journey. Here’s how it works:

High-touch, ongoing support

When you sign up for the Coach+ program, we invite you to a brief introductory call. You’ll meet your coach – a real person who genuinely cares about your experience and has the tools, training, and specialized background to support you. Together, you’ll discuss your diagnosis, treatment plan, symptoms, and specific needs, so they can help you move forward with confidence. 

From this point onward, you can contact your coach anytime you need help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using our app, you can reach out via chat, video, or phone call. Check-ins with your coach can be scheduled in advance or impromptu. They can be initiated by you or by the coach. There’s no cookie-cutter template here: Your needs are unique, and the Coach+ experience is customized to meet you wherever you are.

Rich, personalized resources

As your coach learns more about your needs and interests, you may choose to opt into one of our specialized programs. These programs are like basic training for people affected by cancer: They equip you with crucial tools and strategies to help you thrive during this challenging time. The courses cover important subjects like financial wellness, nutrition, and mental health support. The goal is simply to provide support wherever you need it to help you live the fullest life possible, even with cancer.

You can embark on one or many of these programs – or none at all. Your coach will support you every step of the way, and tailor the program to your current knowledge and future goals. You only learn what you’re interested in at a pace that you’re comfortable with. The entire experience is flexible and dynamic – and of course, your coach is always available to answer your questions and offer additional holistic support that is so often missing in traditional cancer care.

Data-driven guidance

Your coach also helps you stay on track by keeping tabs on your wellness data. That includes information you upload via symptom and medication trackers, as well as data from wearable tech like Fitbit and Apple Watch (which you can seamlessly link to our app). This data is analyzed via machine learning software which flags important trends to help you catch problems before they become serious.

When a coach notices one of these concerning fluctuations – such as an increase in symptom severity, new side effects, or changes in your sleep and activity levels – they can reach out to you and offer help. These check-ins can be very simple, such as a reminder to take your medication or discuss a new symptom with your oncologist. Or they may be deep and open-ended discussions about your wellbeing and mental health. The goal is simply to help you stay on track clinically while providing the holistic support that is so often missing in traditional cancer care.

A qualified, dedicated team

Our coaching team includes experts with a wide range of qualifications, such as Registered Nurses, Licensed Oncology Social Workers, Holistic Nutritionists, and Financial Counselors – and we continue to expand to meet the needs of our members. Whatever your concerns are, we’ll have an expert on hand to give you guidance and support. 

Coaches work tirelessly to close the information gap, and no question is too big or too small. Whether you need advice on your rights in the workplace, talking to kids about your diagnosis, or meal planning while undergoing chemotherapy, your coach is there to help – or connect you to other resources that can. Your coach will always be here to support you every step of the way.

Final thoughts

To date, the Coach+ program has an astonishing 100% approval rating from our members. We are very proud of our track record, and we believe our coaches have something valuable to offer each and every member. If you need compassionate support to help you navigate our fragmented healthcare system during your cancer journey, sign up for the Coach+ program today.

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