API Platform to Enable Jasper Health to Generate More Advanced Patient Insights and Elevate Customized Cancer Care

Particle Health logo and Jasper Health logo with image of cellular phone showing Jasper's mobile app

Announced today, Jasper Health and Particle Health, an integrations and API platform that has modernized the health data experience for healthcare companies, have partnered to generate enhanced health data insights to augment personalized cancer care support. Particle Health’s integrated FHIR-based solution provides a singular, secure point-of-access for members to retrieve, manage, and share their own health data. 

Access to actionable shared health data allows clinicians and Jasper care coaches to identify barriers to healthcare and provide curated health insights relevant to members and their specific health needs. Particle Health’s API complements Jasper Health’s existing clinical data integrations to leverage meaningful health data to improve cancer care support and delivery, and elevate members’ experience, quality of life, and outcomes.

Jasper Health and Particle Health are dedicated to revolutionizing digital healthcare through meaningful, patient-centered innovation, making healthcare data accessible to all. Read the full release here.