My Jasper Story: Carmen

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Carmen, a nationally renowned kitchen and bath remodeler and devoted father, shares about his daughter’s experience with cervical cancer and how they both found peace of mind with Jasper. 

As a single father, I’m proud to have a close-knit family. Now that my children are grown, it fills me with joy to see how they’re accelerating in their chosen fields and living their lives with purpose. 

But unfortunately, we’re not unfamiliar with the toll cancer can have on a family. My mother passed away from brain cancer when I was five years old and my father recovered from prostate cancer several years ago. My older brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1971 and given up to five years to live, but thankfully he beat the odds and continues to thrive to this day.  

Still, when my daughter told me that she had stage 3 cervical cancer in October 2021, it knocked the wind right out of me. Despite my exposure to the disease, I never expected my daughter, my best friend, to suffer a cancer diagnosis. In those beginning moments, I was overcome with uncertainty, not knowing what I could do to help her. 

Her Progress

When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, it was important to me that I didn’t treat her any differently. We continue to talk every day, sometimes multiple times per day, and I’m there for her during the ups and downs of this journey. 

Going through treatment has been tough on her mind and body, but she remains strong and is doing well. I’ve set up a plumfund for her and it’s been heartwarming to see the outpour of support from friends and family.

Since learning of her diagnosis, both of her sisters have gone to see their doctors to have the appropriate preventive screening tests performed. Thankfully they both came back clear. My granddaughter is also being tested for genetic markers of the disease. If there’s one silver lining of this journey, it’s how it’s emphasized the importance of preventive health measures for all of us.

How Jasper Offers Us Peace of Mind

My daughter is home now, having fluids administered by her wonderful husband and EMT. She’s experiencing some difficulty with her kidneys but I try to remain hopeful. I’m grateful for the doctors who have given her the best of care possible and for resources like Jasper that help to take the stress out of the important logistical components of cancer care. 

With Jasper’s help, I’ve been on my daughter’s appointment calendar since day one. Whenever a notification pops up on my phone, it gives me great peace of mind to know that my daughter is getting the care she needs. 

Looking Ahead

This year I’m looking forward to building out my partner’s growing Montessori school. I’m grateful to have the time to help her in this venture while also being there for my daughter whenever she needs me.

To anyone considering joining Jasper, I’d urge you not to hesitate. When battling cancer, every resource can be of immense value, so why not give yourself and your family all the support possible? I don’t know how many Jasper’s there are in this world, but I can tell you the one that I’m fondest of and the one that has helped to save my daughter’s life.

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