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Jasper Health Joins CEO Roundtable on Cancer

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Eagle, Idaho, March 15, 2022 — Jasper Health, a first-of-its-kind cancer care navigation and experience platform, today announced it will be joining the organization CEO Roundtable on Cancer. The CEO Roundtable on Cancer’s mission is to make continual progress toward the elimination of cancer as a personal disease and public health problem through initiatives that reduce the risk of cancer, enable early diagnosis, facilitate access to treatment, and hasten the discovery of effective therapies.

“We are excited to work with a patient-centered enterprise like Jasper Health to deliver on our mission,” said MaryLisabeth Rich, President, CEO Roundtable on Cancer. “There is much we can do together as we work to deliver through greater access the best possible outcomes for all patients with cancer, their families, friends and communities.”

The Roundtable publishes the Cancer Gold StandardTM to guide employers to provide cancer-related services to employees that reflect a more holistic approach to health and well-being with increased emphasis on cancer survivorship, well-being, and health equity. The Gold Standard now covers almost 7.5 million employees at 215 companies. Jasper Health’s platform aligns directly with the core pillars of the Gold Standard and provides a digital framework to help employers realize the vision of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer.

“Jasper Health strongly believes our partnership with the CEO Roundtable on Cancer can rapidly accelerate the Gold Standard requirements for employers helping to provide a holistic approach to cancer support and best practice navigation for employees,” said Adam Pellegrini, co-founder and CEO of Jasper Health. “Jasper Health will work with CEO Roundtable members to deliver upon the mission of the organization and drive true health outcomes for employers.”

Jasper Health is also announcing the launch of its new corporate website that will provide resources for payers and health systems while still providing consumers the ability to sign up and use the Jasper Cancer Care Companion experience at no cost. To check out the new Jasper Health site, visit www.hellojasper.com.

About Jasper Health

Jasper Health is a digital guiding, navigation, and engagement experience that improves the lives of people living with cancer, those at high risk for cancer, and their caregivers. Its all-in-one oncology platform provides psychosocial support interventions while enabling connected care with the broader healthcare system. Our team includes seasoned leaders with decades of experience in digital health, clinical care, data science, and consumer engagement. Founded at Redesign Health, a company that powers innovation in healthcare, we believe that powerful technology and passionate people can relieve some of the stress of organizing care. To learn more, visit www.hellojasper.com.