Jasper Health Announces Standup of QMS Software to Enhance Hybrid Cancer Care Support Solution

Jasper and green light guru logos in two circles next. Jasper and green light guru logos in two circles next.

BOISE, Idaho, May 16, 2023 Jasper Health, a leading hybrid cancer care support solution, has announced the standup of its Quality Management System (QMS) software in partnership with Greenlight Guru. This implementation further highlights Jasper Health’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement across our platform, and will extend our risk management, change management, and training controls across our organization.

Jasper Health’s innovative approach combines human coaching with digital planning tools to provide a whole-person cancer care experience for people affected by cancer and their loved ones. The integration of Greenlight Guru’s QMS software will improve the company’s ability to maintain quality and safety standards across all aspects of its operations. By increasing documentation related to document management and design controls, Jasper Health will provide its clients and partners with a higher level of transparency and assurance.

“We are thrilled to partner with Greenlight Guru to further enhance our commitment to quality and safety in cancer care,” said Jasper Health’s Chief Technology Officer, Philips Johnson. “The implementation of our QMS software will allow us to streamline our operations, increase transparency, and ultimately provide better support for cancer patients and their caregivers.”

Jasper Health’s QMS software is a vital tool that will help the company maintain its position as a leader in the digital oncology solution space. The QMS software is designed to promote continuous improvement and ensure that Jasper Health maintains the highest standards of quality and safety. It addresses a range of areas including patient safety, product quality, and regulatory compliance.

Jasper Health is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in all aspects of its operations. By working with Greenlight Guru, Jasper Health can leverage the expertise of a trusted partner in the field of quality management, enabling Jasper Health to focus on its core mission of providing a better cancer care experience for all. The implementation of the QMS software is an important step in this ongoing effort, and the Jasper Health team looks forward to working with Greenlight Guru.

For more information on Greenlight Guru visit their website at https://www.greenlight.guru/

About Jasper Health
Jasper Health is a hybrid guiding and navigation experience that improves the lives of individuals affected by cancer and their caregivers. This support spans from diagnosis through remission, to palliative and end-of-life care. Its digital end-to-end oncology platform provides human-led psychosocial support and digital planning tools, while enabling connected care with the broader healthcare system. Founded at Redesign Health, a company that powers innovation in healthcare, we believe that powerful technology and passionate people can relieve some of the stress of the cancer journey.

About Greenlight Guru
Greenlight Guru is the leading connected, cloud-based platform purpose-built for MedTech companies. The end-to-end solution streamlines product development, quality management, and clinical data management by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and data throughout the entire product lifecycle. Greenlight Guru’s platform is used by organizations across the globe that are replacing their disjointed, legacy tools and solutions to bring life-changing products to people faster and with less risk. For more information, visit https://www.greenlight.guru.

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