Jasper Health and MSK Direct Launch Digital Solution to Bring Comprehensive Cancer Care Support to Employees Everywhere

Digital solution created with Jasper Health connects employees, their families and caregivers to oncology care ecosystem

Jasper Health, a leading digital oncology platform, in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), today announced its launch of the MSK Direct digital platform. By combining MSK’s clinical subspecialized expertise with Jasper Health’s data-driven technology and human-led coaching support, the new MSK Direct app delivers cancer navigation and support to employees and their loved ones, no matter where they are.

The enhanced solution allows members to take control of their treatment plan throughout their cancer journey and enables broad access to support coaching, virtual expert medical opinions, and care navigation. This solution ensures that employees have access to the highest quality of care, regardless of their geographical location.

The MSK Direct app offers a wide range of features, including simplified virtual expert medical opinions, digital planning tools, and digital access to clinical guidance from MSK Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN) and 24/7 human-led coaching providing psychosocial support and connection to resources.

Co-Founder and CEO of Jasper Health, Adam Pellegrini, shares, “We are thrilled to partner with MSK Direct to launch the MSK Direct digital platform, a unique solution for the employer market. By merging MSK’s renowned clinical expertise with our innovative digital oncology platform and human-led coaching, we can provide employees and caregivers with an unprecedented level of support throughout their cancer journey. This partnership showcases the power of extending world-renowned cancer center MSKCC via a digital front door with the added layer of 24/7 psychosocial coaching to revolutionize cancer support across the nation’s workforce.”

MSK Direct covers over 6.5M employee lives nationwide. Through MSK Direct, employers can focus on lowering healthcare costs and further support their employees by increasing access to cancer screenings, offering value-based oncology care, and creating solutions to improve outcomes and health equity, and to lower the cost of cancer care.

To learn more about the MSK Direct app and how your organization can bring this to employees, please visit https://www.hellojasper.com/partners/msk-direct.