Giving Tuesday: Shining A Spotlight on Jasper Health’s Non-Profit Partners
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Giving Tuesday: Shining A Spotlight on Jasper Health’s Non-Profit Partners

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For a decade, Giving Tuesday has affectionately been named for the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day holidays. #GivingTuesday was created as a simple idea: a day for people to do good and give back.

If you’re online during Giving Tuesday, you will likely see local and national non-profit organizations coming together to share their mission, stories of impact and encourage donations to support their programs and services. Giving Tuesday doesn’t have to be monetarily based either – small acts are encouraged like volunteering your time, or even showing kindness to your neighbor or grocery store employee. And the beauty is, anyone can participate, from a single person to a big company.

Jasper Health’s Nonprofit Partners and our shared values

At Jasper Health, we are lucky to have a consortium of Non-Profit Partners who share our mission of supporting people, and their loved ones, who are affected by cancer. For #GivingTuesday22, we are especially proud to showcase our amazing Non-Profit partners and the program and services they provide – a growing list of 40+ nationwide and local organizations.

Partnering with cancer-related Non-Profit organizations allows Jasper Health to reach more people who need our platform most, and in turn, we share their services and programs with our growing community of almost 17,000 members. At Jasper Health, we take great pride in keeping our services free for everyone. Our Non-Profit partner organizations share our vision of creating a better experience for all, and we are so grateful to come together with this group to impact the cancer community.

If you are a non-profit organization supporting people affected by cancer, and/or their loved ones, and would like to partner with Jasper Health, please contact us at [email protected]

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