Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

For most people, cancer is like a full-time job that you pay for, rather than get paid to do. The concept of financial toxicity is very real after a cancer diagnosis, and sometimes you just need a little help to get by as you work your way through treatment and recovery. 

Below, you’ll find a non-comprehensive list of organizations you can turn to when you need some financial help. In addition to exploring what you see below, speak with your oncology social worker and/or connect with your local United Way’s database of charitable organizations and government institutions by calling 2-1-1. Many people have very generous local resources available to them based on a variety of factors, such as state, region, county or city of residence, or other demographic characteristics.


  • Cancer Finances is a toolkit developed by Triage Cancer meant to help navigate financial needs that arise because of a cancer diagnosis. 
  • Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition helps find assistance from organizations providing financial or practical help.
  • Cancer Horizons offers a listing of resources for financial help that patients with cancer can apply for.
  • FindHelp helps locate food assistance, provides help paying bills, and offers other free or reduced cost programs. 
  • FundFinder helps find financial support from charitable foundations quickly and sends alerts when funds you are interested in have resources available. 
  • Need Help Paying Bills offers state-by-state information about how to find financial help.


  • 21st Century Care offers financial assistance to those with cancer in several US states.
  • Beyond Restored, Inc. helps assist patients, survivors and communities meet basic needs. Reach out for more information about how to receive assistance.
  • CancerCare offers some financial assistance to cancer patients for specific needs like transportation, child care, and home care.
  • The Corporate Angel Network finds cancer patients their caregivers (one caregiver per adult patient and two per pediatric patient) open seats on corporate flights for free travel to cancer treatments. Door-to-door transportation is covered (car service or taxis to-and-from the airport as well as the flight itself). 
  • Family Reach offers a free “Financial Treatment Program” to help overcome the financial toxicity of treatment, to those receiving treatment at a hospital at any US state, territory, Washington, D.C. or Puerto Rico.
  • Joe’s House offers free or reduced cost housing for patients with cancer and their caregivers.
  • ModestNeeds helps people with a one-time financial need. The organization also has a Covid-19 eviction prevention fund.
  • NetWish offers up to $200 in assistance to those in need.
  • PlumFund allows anyone to launch a fundraising campaign for no cost beyond processing fees.

Clinical Trials

  • The Lazarex Cancer Foundation offers financial assistance to help with the costs of participating in clinical trials for cancer care.
  • More Moments More Memories helps fund access to innovations in treatments, including clinical trials, for patients and their caregivers. The organization can also take on the cost of certain expenses such as travel, lodging, and food needed for a patient to participate in a clinical trial.


  • LueWish grants wishes to women who are experiencing life altering issues due to cancer, heart disease, or domestic violence. Here is where you can submit a wish.
  • Women’s Cancer Fund offers up to $250 per family, per year, to women with cancer who need help paying for utilities or rent.

Profession- and Interest-Based