7 Snack Ideas to Boost Energy

Snacks serve many purposes. They can keep you full between meals, provide a boost of energy during a long day and can be an extra opportunity to add nutrients to your day. The best snacks are ones that can keep you full and nourished, so having protein or healthy fat as part of a snack is a good idea. Here are some ideas to try adding to even your busiest of days. Any of these can be modified if you need to avoid any ingredients.

  • Loaded whole wheat crackers: Choose crackers that contain whole wheat as the first ingredient and top them off with avocado, nut butters, Greek yogurt dips or flavored foil packet tuna.
  • Almond Joy inspired parfaits: take a plain Greek yogurt or plant-based equivalent and top with semi-sweet chocolate chips and sliced almonds.
  • Cheeseboard to-go: pair a piece of fruit with a string cheese to give you a balance of salty and sweet
  • Packaged protein shakes: having some protein shakes in the pantry can help on the busiest of days
  • Flavored nuts: many nuts come in the same crave-worthy flavors as chips these days but with a boost of protein and healthy fat. Need to accommodate a food allergy? Look for dried chickpeas in similar flavors
  • Mini sandwich wraps: use taco sized tortillas or mini pitas and make a snack-sized version of your favorite sandwich. Snack foods don’t have to be entirely different from meals.
  • Homemade smoothies: blend your favorite milk, fruits, veggies and add some protein from nuts or seeds. The best part is that smoothies are a great way to clean out your fridge.

If your doctor or dietitian have asked you to avoid any foods or follow a specific meal plan it is important to follow their guidance. Even making small changes to how you eat can help with symptoms, give you energy and help you develop healthy habits.

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