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Personalized Cancer Care Companion Now Available

As an employee benefit, you receive access to Jasper, a personalized cancer support platform with one-on-one coaching, at no-cost to you. Jasper makes organization easy through a centralized schedule, medication and symptom tracking, coaching support, and more–all in one place.

Jasper is available, at no-cost to you, on behalf of your employer.

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“I would describe Jasper in three words: awesome, helpful, and dedicated. They help me get through today and look forward to tomorrow.”
— Jim, Jasper Member

What’s Included:

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Track symptoms, side effects, and mood in seconds.

Well-being metrics help to see and keep track of physical and mental health, giving more insights to bring to medical team appointments. Integrated with Fitbit & Apple Watch tracking sleep, exercise and mood.

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Simplify and centralize the day-to-day.

An auto-create tool for appointments, to-dos, and recommended tasks build a custom and easy-to-use personalized planner. The leading cancer app for organizing all of life, not just treatment.

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Personalized Cancer Care Coaching.

Jasper’s Cancer Care Coach team of nurses and trained professionals will work to improve everyday well-being during treatment and beyond. Receive personalized Action Plans for nutrition (including meal plans), finance, insurance review, mental health, remission support, and more.

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Schedule medications and track adherence.

A simple way to organize medications and supplements, and keep track of how and when to take them.

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Peer-to-Peer Support with Jasper Community

Jasper Community gives you a safe space to connect with others on a similar journey within Jasper. With Jasper Community you now have access to a best-in-class experience:

  • Trained coach moderators
  • Support and knowledge-sharing from members on similar journeys 
  • Group and 1:1 messaging, plus the option to create a personal blog
  • Additional education and resources from locally and nationally recognized cancer-related Non-Profit Partners
“I don’t feel so alone in my journey because of Jasper”
— Cindy, Breast Cancer Survivor