Giving Tuesday: Supporting Cancer Patients Through Jasper Partners

December 17, 2021
Since 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been known as Giving Tuesday
After Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and of course turkey day itself), the day is an opportunity to round out the November holiday week by bringing us back to the values of gratitude and generosity that are the true ideals of this holiday season. Giving Tuesday is a global movement for radical generosity, and it seeks to inspire many different modalities of individual and community giving. 
Some acts of generosity are small, simple, and individual: showing intentional kindness to a neighbor, volunteering in your community, participating in a local cause. Others seek to harness the power of money to create change, through targeted donations to nonprofit organizations. The beauty of Giving Tuesday is that it is open and malleable—anyone can participate, from a single person to a huge company, in any way they are moved and able. 
Jasper’s partners and our shared values
Giving back is huge for us at Jasper, and for #GivingTuesday21 Jasper is especially proud to showcase our amazing partners, each of whom shares our mission of supporting and changing the lives of people impacted by cancer. 
Each member on our list of region-specific partner organizations provides support and services to cancer-impacted folks in particular areas to provide locally-focused support at the community level. 
Other partners work in unique areas of cancer-care support. This includes direct assistance to people with cancer, connections to local businesses that donate services, mentorship for cancer patients and caregivers, and psychosocial wellness services like art or outdoor therapy. 
You can learn a little bit more about each of our partners and what they do in our Resource Glossary
At Jasper, we take great pride in keeping our services free for everyone. Our partner organizations share our vision of impactful giving—not just on Giving Tuesday, but every day of the year—that guides us in the work we do with the cancer community. We are so proud to be doing this work alongside our partners, and so grateful for the support that allows this work to take place. 
If you are a non-profit organization supporting cancer patients and would like to partner with Jasper, please contact us at support@hellojasper.com.
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