Questions to Ask Before Starting Hormone Therapy

Questions to Ask Before Starting Hormone Therapy

Reviewed by Jasper Clinical Board

Last updated 5/24/21

If your doctor has recommended hormone therapy as part of your cancer treatment plan, you’ll likely have questions about what’s ahead. From clarifying terminology to going through the timeline of upcoming events, this is an important part of the process, helping you and your caregivers to work as a team to further your health. To get you started, here are some questions you might ask. Know that it’s perfectly okay (and often encouraged) to bring a pen and paper to take notes, to record the conversation, or to bring a companion into the meeting to help you listen, take notes, and gather more information. In addition, always feel free to ask for clarification on (and how to spell) terms you don’t understand.
  1. What is the name, with spelling, of the hormone medication you plan to prescribe? 
  2. What are the common and less common side effects of this medication? 
  3. Is there any food or supplement I should avoid while taking this medication? 
  4. How will this hormone therapy be administered?
  5. Does my prescription insurance cover this therapy?  (If not: Is there a similar hormone therapy that is as effective that my prescription insurance will cover?)
  6. How long do you expect I will be receiving or taking this medication? 
  7. What should I do if I miss a dose?
  8. What side effects are concerning enough that I should call you or present to the emergency room when taking this medication? 
  9. Are you aware of ways I can get this therapy if I can’t afford it?
  10. Will this medication potentially impact my mental health?  If so, how? 
  11. Will this medication affect my sexual function, and if so, how?

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