Questions to Ask About Ports

Questions to Ask About Ports

Reviewed by Jasper Clinical Board

Last updated 5/24/21

  1. Please explain the parts of the port and where they will be located within my body.
  2. Please explain how the port is used to administer treatments or medications.
  3. What types of treatments and medications will be given to me via the port? 
  4. How long will the procedure to place the port take? 
  5. How long will it take to heal from the port placement?  Does this healing timespan change because of my cancer diagnosis or any of my other medical conditions? 
  6. Does my health insurance cover this placement, and will someone from the doctor’s office get pre-approval for port placement or is there something I need to do to ensure it is covered? 
  7. How long can this port stay in my body, overall? 
  8. How does the port get flushed/cleaned when it is no longer regularly being used for treatment? Can I be trained to maintain it myself?
  9. Are there activities I should avoid once I have a port placed? 
  10. Is there special care I should take with the area where the port is placed for the duration of its presence? 
  11. What symptoms indicate I may be experiencing a problem related to my port? When should I call for help or go to the emergency room?
  12. Under what conditions would the port be removed?  If I want to, can I keep it indefinitely, especially if I have a type of cancer that tends to recur?

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